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Whyteboy Frazier

Whyteboy Frazier is the new definition of hip hop he is lyrically one of the best of up and coming artist to touch the game. Whyteboy the name given to him from the city of Baltimore because of his light skin complexion only defines the popularity he has obtained even before his reign in the hip hop game. Based in Baltimore where everyone knows is the city where most wait to hear of your death or demise and Whyteboy Frazier plans to change the conception of Baltimore and not just put it on the map but keep it a focal point of the map. Having a conversation with Frank Johnson former executive of Atlantic Records and E1 have only solidified my beliefs that Whyteboy Frazier will remain a key component in the hip hop industry.

Whyteboy Frazier is on the fast road to dominating the rap game and we appreciate any relationships built at this time. We have been constantly working and building these brands to elevate to the next level. Whyteboy Frazier has been doing many performances as of late. He performed June 5th 2016 at Oxygen Lounge here in Baltimore where we are based at and from his performance we were asked to come to WDMF Online Radio Station and do an interview with their host Prince Kymani, co-host KO. He did such a good job and due to the large response to his interview he was asked to come back. Whyteboy Frazier is currently on the city’s block party tour with numerous dates which included June 14 th , 21 st and July 19th, 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th and many more upcoming dates. He also opened up for MMG’s own Fat Trel at Paparazzi Nightclub on July 1st and turned the club up just enough for Fat Trel to end the night with a hell of a performance.

I have partnered up with the producers of the African American Festival and we brought to Baltimore the first music and film conference called The Festival’s Rise and Whyteboy Frazier was an important component to the festival and conference. He has videos on YouTube that can be viewed if you search Whyteboy Frazier Banned
for TV official video you then will be able to see the other videos featured on Youtube. His EP is named the Leak
that created such a buzz was just a stepping stone for what was next to come. His current mixtape Holy Trap that is being generated through the east coast now and featured on Datpiff, Soundcloud and for download is raising his stock to be the next to take over the music industry. We are on the verge of doing an east coast promo tour where we are going to different regions and pass out Holy Trap for free and generate some shows while in the process. While still doing promotion for the mixtape Holy Trap we are currently working on his upcoming album currently untitled but we are in the process of dropping a single that has been getting a lot of praise titled Money Count. Whyteboy Frazier will never stop working to make his brand just as big as or bigger than the mark key players in the Industry now . Whyteboy Frazier released his last
project Signed 2 The Plug on October 2nd 2017 the same day he started the tour he was featured on Rel Carter Culture Tour. Rel Carter who is an A&R at Roc Nation have given Whyteboy Frazier a lot of knowledge and approval that he will be the next big thing in the industry. The tour has taken Whyteboy Frazier to many cities and states to build his fan base. He has toured to Los Angeles, Atlanta, Toronto, New York, Philly, DC, Virginia, Orlando, Miami and Texas and is just getting started. Whyteboy Frazier is in the process of working on his new project to be released in June and 2018 is looking great for his brand so in Whyteboy Frazier’s own words to the industry “See You Soon”.