Born Jarrel Carter, this multi-faceted DJ and music manager has spent many years ensuring his success was self made and not solely derived from his family lineage. Known nationally as a popular disc jockey, 'Rel' received his Bachelor of Science in Business and Administration in 2011 before launching his independent management company, 'Carter Wisdom Management', managing and guiding the careers of upcoming artist and songwriters. By 2015 Rel had become a ambassador for his Uncle (Business Mogul Jayz's) popular Dusse' brand.


He currently maintains a weekly internet podcast for the brand from his penthouse office of RocNation records and maintains the role of A&R coordinator for the multi-million dollar music empire. With the launch of the "Culture" tour, Rel has the opportunity to leave the busy daily offerings of the Roc Nation offices in Manhattan to celebrate creative excellence around the country and witness it first hand. 


the purpose


This platform is designed to provide independent creatives with an informative, affordable and accessible alternative to the traditional artist showcase. The Rel Carter Culture tour aims to provide artists with real facts and deliver upfront realities of the music business while simultaneously providing the opportunity to build rapport and engage with a experienced industry professional. In hopes of bridging the divide between enterprise and independent creativity, the Rel Carter Culture Tour designs a unique bridge between community, industry and arts that encourages a heightened understanding of business and the tools necessary for artistic elevation.


For Artists


this is not a showcase.

The Rel Carter Culture Tour is a celebration of artistic excellence in Art, Fashion and media. Artists featured within their city's stop of The Rel Carter Culture Tour are expected to be serious, driven and prepared to maximize the opportunity. This is NOT an event that promises overnight label deals and stardom. This is an opportunity to meet face to face with industry professionals, receive valuable information and guidelines for professional growth and perform and network amongst a network of serious, ambitious individuals. 

Artists and creatives interested in applying to participate in The Rel Carter Culture Tour's stop in their city can submit information here 


No handouts The album

Rel Carter Presents “No Handouts” the album

Available on all streaming and download platforms




The Rel Carter Culture Tour film focuses on the first 4 cities the group travels to and shows the optimism of a young group bringing everything together and how it can grow into the future.

"Witness the beginning of the movement."


Directed by Travis Houze


Tour schedule

previous events

Los Angeles, CA

Atlanta, GA

Toronto, CA

New York, NY

Philadelphia, PA

Orlando, FL

Miami, FL

New Orleans, LA

Austin, TX

Norfolk, VA

Detroit, MI

Boston, MA

Charlotte, NC

Columbia SC

Minneapolis, MN

Memphis, TN

Indianapolis, IN

Pheonix, AZ

Santo Domingo, DR

Charleston, SC

Baltimore, MD

Youngstown, OH

Cleveland, OH

Cincinatti, OH








Past Events


October 2nd - Los angeles

October 4th - Atlanta

October 11th - Toronto

October 13th - New York

May 27th - Sounds of the Summer, Washington d.C.

JANUARY 15th - Philadelphia Recap

January 19th - Orlando recap

January 20th - Miami Recap

February 25th - Norfolk , VA Recap

March - SXSW Recap


September 14th - Boston

September 16th - Minneapolis

September 30th - Memphis



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