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Pariis Noel

Pariis Noel is an artist whose passion for music began at only 10 years old, while growing up on the west side of Detroit, MI. His passion was ignited when he was first introduced to the movie “Breakin,” a film focused on the dynamic between a aspiring jazz artist and two talented break dancers. His first mentor "DJ Chokes" then introduced him to the world of hip hop.” Falling in love with the art of break dancing initially, he then quickly realized that hip hop was his true passion. He explains, “I couldn't break dance well because I was the fat chubby kid with thick glasses but I always found a way to make words rhyme." Shortly after becoming engulfed in his new passions, Pariis attended a family house warming party, where "DJ Chokes" was the main event, setting up a freestyle battle for his friends and family. After noticing the microphone, Pariis took initiative and at only 10 years old, the bold and fearless Pariis Noel challenged his older brother to a rap battle. His talents astounded the members of his family and it became obvious that Pariis was destined for greatness. From that very moment, his life would be centered around his love for hip hop and showcasing his talents.

Later in life, Pariis came to the realization that this is what he would pursue for the rest of his life while in search for validation and his ultimate purpose in life. He recognized that from the moment that he was introduced to music, it remained the only constant in his ever-changing life. This is when he began to harness his talents and completely focus on mastering his craft. In this humble beginning, Pariis genuinely knew in his heart that with his talents he was capable of changing the world. Music became his escape and it became clear in his mind that God’s intentions for him were beyond what he could have ever imagined.

Pariis Noel is currently based in the city of Detroit. He released his single, "Big Rings x Big Dreams" in March of 2017. The single showcases his word play abilities as well as his creative talents. “Big Rings x Big Dreams” is now available on all streaming services including Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music, and Tidal.