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Mike Thou

West Philly, The Bottoms own Mike Thou, Born Michael King he earned the name from the very lifestyle he tried to avoid until an unexpected determination of fate set him on current path. Having a knack for style and always making sure he was prepared to present himself with high standards, his older cousin Derrick started calling him Mike thousand playfully because of the way he dresses. He looked like he had more than hundreds of of dollars and it was his consistently crisp appearance that made the name Mike Thousand stick beyond the family.

Thou, as he is affectionately called displayed musical talent early on yet avoided the rap game because of its negative associations with that street life and as ironic as life can get, it was becoming victorious when faced with a criminal case when he was convinced that Music was his true calling. With aspirations of being the self proclaimed best spitter on the streets, Mike stepped into the game with an unmatched determination and commitment that gave more value to his name because he always puts way beyond 100% into everything he does.