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Lorenzo Burez

Lorenzo Burez is an emerging artist from Detroit, Michigan, who discovered his passion for music at a young age while watching his cousins freestyle around him. Their freestyle battles drove him to become captivated with lyricist, and the combination of different hooks and flows, and he eventually taught himself how to write his own music. As his passion grew, he later taught himself how to produce and engineer records. Lorenzo Burez’s main goal with music is to inspire his listeners to chase their dreams wherever they take them, regardless of what others make think. Gifted with lyrical control, depth and unfettered quality, Burez delivers melodic bars as ear candy. Lorenzo Burez is currently working on his 3rd album, ‘Don’t Judge Me’ set to be released Fall 2018, he believes this album will solidify his position in the music industry.

Lorenzo Burez is an American recording artist native of Detroit, MI. At a tender age Burez discovered his love for music and in the 7th grade he picked up his pen and began writing, subsequently, he quickly advanced and was producing and recording his own music by his freshman year of high school. Lorenzo decided he wanted to be bigger than all of his idols amd create a new wave for his city.

Winner of the Coast 2 Coast showcase, as well as the Roc The Mic evernt which gave Burez the oppurtunity to freestyle on New Yorks Hot 97 Funk Flex Show.

Gifted with lyrical control, depth and unfettered quality, Burez delivers melodic bars as ear candy. Lorenzo is consistently making it his mission statement to always top his best work.

Currently Lorenzo Burez is on tour collectively with Roc Nation A&R Rel Carter.