Gr8R comprise of 3 artists. The expression “LND” remains for ‘Loyalty Never Dies’ and is more of a family than a rap group. The expression “GR8R” is the music side of the gatehring and signifies ‘greater music’ than what individuals are tuning in to now. LND comes from the absence of loyalty in our general oublic. Likewise they didnt generally begin with the quality of individuals they have now. Yet, because of unfaithfulness and loss of aspiration they became the 3 headed beast you hear today. The group dropped its first song in Fall of 2014. They kept doing music and soon after to get oversaw by our oldhead OG NAS. Who at that point began to work them the correct way toward their goal...success. They began to do recordings and make projects, for example began to work them the correct way toward their goal..Success.They began to do Recordings and make projects, for example, 'GR8R 'TilDeathDoUsPart', '4Brothers' and their most up to date arrival of '3Kings' on November 24th 2017. In the middle of Those 2 1/2 years the group has been finding real success.

Riding out to Queens, Brooklyn, Harlem, and even flying out to Miami, So forth just to perform and coordinate with other Craftsman around the globe. Winning contest(s) at Coast2CoastLive just to go assist in their profession. Additionally they've met huge industry names like A&R for Atlantic Record's 'SuccessDavis' and Grammy Award writer 'EST'. They have all the more up and Coming undertakings dropping in the year 2018 consisting of every member from the group doing a solo EP. After that there will be a mixtape with more classical melodies and outdated sort sounds desiring their more developed group of listeners too. Visuals for the songs on their new album titled "All I Know" and "Cooking It" will be released too in that year. You can go get the '3Kings' collection on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Tidal, Spotify, Etc.

Also, look at their group pages on SoundCloud, Instagram & Twitter: @LndGr8r