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Michael Mccode, better known as “1 Bruh Code” is an upcoming West Orlando native rapper and Alumni of Evans High School. Intent on pursuing a career as a rapper, he put down the basketball and picked up a pen, releasing his first mixtape called Everyone Has A Story. In his song “Left Warlando”, he goes from rapping about how he use to hoop before he left Orlando to talking about his inspiration for music. After losing his ability to further play basketball and losing his son, he was motivated to chase his dreams as a lyricist. Having passion for music since he was young, his goal is to bring back music that matters in our generation. With everyone being on the same wave, he believes his music is for the culture and hopes to tell a story through his lyrics. “I’m already writing my Grammy speech, to touch hearts the way Pac, Biggie, Jay, and Nas did. Not comparing myself but I wanna be great and I feel like I got the music to back it up.” 1 Bruh Code has intent on starting his own clothing line and giving back to the community as well as spreading positivity and truth through his music.